Just Like a Fool (2013) Dir. Christine Yuan

Just Like a Fool — Cliff Dweller from Cliff Dweller on Vimeo.

Directed by Christine Yuan
Featuring Viktoria Pavelka, Malia Van Der Kamp and Alex Casteel

Cinematographer - Jackson Hunt
1st AC - Rachel Fox
Gaffer - Lily Soto
Production Designer - Ali Rubinfeld
AD - Alexandra Cuerdo
Casting Assistant - Jason Sarayba, Alexandra Cuerdo
Editor - Kyle Goodrich, Christine Yuan
Color Correction - Sean Stack
End Titles - CYAN
Hair / Makeup - Veronica Chanel
Stylist - Zoe Miyori Fujii
Featuring original clothing by Zoe Miyori Fujii and Lily Black
Special thanks to Prettybird Pictures
© 2013 Cliff Dweller Media

Life of Pi (2012) Dir. Ang Lee

I really enjoyed watching this. 3D wasn’t necessary though. Great characters and emotions- brilliant visuals. Deep storyline. Extremely well done. Soul.

Ginger & Rosa (2012) Dir. Sally Potter

AFI Fest 2012